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Stream Team

An illustrated orange bunny with sunglasses and a cool smirk on its face.

The Game4Access Stream Team members serve as the ambassadors for ES Gaming and the greater disability gaming space. By sharing their experiences with accessibility and inclusion in gaming on Twitch, they are furthering our mission in creative and meaningful ways.

Members of the Stream Team receive ES Gaming swag, custom graphics for Twitch and other social media, access to a private Discord channel, invitations to online and in-person events, potential press coverage, and more as we continue to grow.

If you would like to help us realize a greater community for disabled gamers, join the Game4Access Stream Team!

As a Stream Team member, there are two ways to activate:

  • Stream weekly or bi-weekly on the Game4Access Twitch channel.
  • Stream weekly or bi-weekly on your personal Twitch channel. Place a Game4Access Stream Team graphic on your Twitch panels that links to Game4Access’ Twitch page. You can also create a command for your viewers to learn more about what we do.

Join the Stream Team!


Applications are open!

Meet the Stream Team!

Get to know the Game4Access Stream Team better, while they explore what inclusivity means to them, and changes they would like to see within the gaming industry.

Watch the stream weekly on our Twitch channel!