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‘Sup? I’m Bounce!

Here’s how you can hop in.

We want to give gamers tools to be more inclusive, create ways to make gaming more accessible, and share stories from gamers that will challenge how someone views disability. Plus, we want everyone to see how disabled gamers are absolutely crushing it. Join our community Discord to make friends and find your next gaming squad. Hop on our socials to learn more!

Weekly Twitch Streams

Disabled gamers are often ignored and devalued in streaming. It’s important that we change that. Through our Game4Access Stream Team, we elevate folks with different disabilities and share how they play – including discussion about assistive tech, game options, and software. Even if you’re not disabled, hop on our live Twitch chat and join the conversation – all are welcome!

Start A Fundraiser

Generous supporters make ES Gaming possible. Help us advance to the next level by starting a fundraiser on Tiltify!

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Our Discord Community

Discord is an online chat app, and the top hang-out spot for gamers. We started the ES Gaming Discord Community so everyone could have a fun, engaging space to build friendships and connections with other disabled gamers, industry leaders, and allies. For participants age 16+.

Game4Access Events

To make change, we need to expand our reach. Game4Access events help to engage in our communities online and offline. Through virtual and in-person events, we are sharing our mission with exciting streamathons, convention attendance, tournaments, and more.    

Join the Stream Team

Want to be a part of the action? Learn how you can be an official member of the Game4Access Stream Team!